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One of the joys of Toad Suck Daze (the local festival happening this weekend) is apparently the Stuck on a Truck contest, in which people remain in contact with a pickup until only one person remains, who then gets to keep the truck. Being such a fan of pickups, as I'm sure you all know I am, I was thrilled to learn of this contest as it was hyped up over the last few weeks. But very little could contain my joy today, when I learned there is a live webcam where you can watch people being stuck on a truck.
Jason commented:
For those keeping tabs on Stuck on a Truck, last year's winner was in contact with the truck for 51 hours. (source: photo section of the webcam site) So, I'm planning to check back sometime mid-day on Saturday to see how people look. Actually I'm hoping David will be there and can take a few pics once people start looking really ragged. The official website has them when they're all smiling, happy, and energetic.
on Thu Apr 30 19:13:31 2009

Anonymous commented:

I heard a very tiring account of one of these contests on This American Life several yers ago.  It was about a guy who has won 3 or 4 of these...and it usually takes him 4-7 days to win them.  DL.

on Thu Apr 30 23:14:01 2009

David commented:

I love the way you describe that - 'a very tiring account'. On so many levels I don't get this, but I guess if you have more time than cash it makes good sense to try. According to hearsay of unknown provenance, you can't sell the truck for six months, as part of the sponsorship deal.

Thinking about it, of course, winning one of these a year would provide a very good living. Maybe that's why you have to win some sort of contest just to enter.

Julee has suggested we go keep them company in the dead of night. I don't know that I plan to be up that late, but it could be fun!

on Fri May 1 00:12:10 2009

holly commented:

Personally, I love reading the rules...

 During the actual "Stuck on a Truck" competition, contestants will be given a five (5) minute break each hour. Once every six (6) hours, contestants will be given a 15 minute break. Except during permitted breaks, one hand must remain on the vehicle at all times. A contestant may not sit, lie, lean, kneel, squat, stand against or otherwise use the vehicle to support his/her body. Contestants must wear T-shirts provided by the "Stuck on a Truck" competition at all times. Only contestants, judges, sponsors and officials will be allowed in the "Stuck on a Truck" area. All logo hats and caps must be approved by the “Stuck on a Truck” competition. 

I think I would fail on the 'leaning' clause, although on the video there was a guy using the truck to do lunges...

on Fri May 1 10:19:06 2009

Jason commented:

Oh, please go keep them company -- and take pics/vids!

I see 1 participant is wearing gloves -- will that prove to be an advantage? Or is it H1N1 related?  Nobody is wearing a mask, at least...

I'd love to read analysis about what it takes to win.  Are there shoes that help for standing for long periods of time like this?  I've seen shoes for walking, running, tennis, cross-training, etc -- but what category does this fall into? "Extreme Activities"?

I think I see some leaning happening on the Webcam feed -- how do I report that to the judges?


on Fri May 1 10:35:06 2009

David commented:

Well, there's a bit of analysis in an article in today's local paper:

The longest times on record have been accompanied by hot, dry weather according to Centennial Bank spokesperson Lori Case, who has officiated since the event's inception. That's probably not going to be the case this year. The forecast called for rain Thursday and today, with more rain Saturday and Sunday.

They also give you a run down of some of this year's leading contenders - people like Carlie Porterfield, Brad Rogers, Lee Hogan, and Misty Anderson, all who have "gone 70-plus hours in previous competitions".

I wonder if people are betting on this...?

on Fri May 1 11:30:40 2009

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