So Domino's Pizza was founded here, in this lovely city I call home, and the founder decided it would be nice to mount a little display telling the world what his favourite religion was. When he couldn't get permission for his plan for a 250 foot tall crucifix, he apparently decided to head elsewhere. Now the BBC is reporting that he has expanded the plan, and is building an entire Christian city in Florida.

Anonymous commented:
The french have a phrase to describe these adventures " culture chernobyl" adrian
on Thu Apr 20 22:59:31 2006

Nikki commented:
Well, Florida is a good place for it... the hurricanes, the elderly population, the snakes.
on Fri Apr 21 00:04:15 2006

David commented:
The snakes on planes?!
on Sat Apr 22 02:59:26 2006

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