opener goes awry

Sadly, the opening game for the Wampus Cats did not go well.

Honestly, how could you not be a fan of a team called the 'Wampus Cats'? Even if every game resulted in something similar to the "42-3 thumping" they took Friday night, I'd still be rooting for 'em!

Jason commented:
Tough being named after a legendary/imaginary creature! I think what they need is to have someone in a Wampus Cat costume as their mascot. That would really fire up the team and the fans! Who might have the free time to do that? Hmmmmm... I found a nice picture of a Wampus Cat statue at Conway High, but it would better if you took your own pic and posted it for us to see.
on Mon Sep 8 09:46:13 2008

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