It seems fairly certain now, so I shall note it here - my cat from my childhood, Sylvester, who had been living with my parents since I headed off to college, appears to have passed into the forest for the last time. He was quite, quite old (21 years old in the spring, I believe), and was more than ready to go, so I'm not sad - he lived about the best life a cat can live.

Jason commented:
I'm's never easy losing a pet.
on Mon Oct 29 17:08:52 2007

Erik commented:
My condolences... even after a cat has a long life and the loss is expected, it's still a profound loss. A member of the family is gone.
on Tue Oct 30 06:43:03 2007

Shelby commented:
I'm so sorry. No matter how at peace we are with a fully-lived life, it's still difficult to say goodbye. Happy mouse-catching in your new place, Sylvester!
on Tue Oct 30 21:07:08 2007

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