I realized that the update to the blogging software was going to take a lot longer than I thought, due mostly to the fact that I can't stop playing with the css long enough to finish all the other work. So I decided to put up the old comment program so that people could heckle, pester, etc. and so that I would have a reason to visit my blog other than to ogle the mybloglog pics. Frankly, comments are more fun. So they're back on, and they seem to work, and I even fixed the 'create a new account' page so folks who haven't made comments in the past can sign up. Hopefully the blog v2.0 will be finished before next year, 'cause it's going to have lots of new goodies, but at least this will put things back working, rather than broken!

Nikki commented:
Finally! I almost burst waiting to be able to comment again. Damn password!!!
on Sun Nov 19 20:43:34 2006

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