weekend fun

What a wonderful weekend of troubleshooting! The pain is made better knowing the problem has been fixed. So on Friday I had a root canal, and now my mouth is happy, and today I pulled one of the RAM modules from my gaming computer, and now it is happy. So there's loss, but there's gain. Isn't life wonderful?

Outside of that, we had two barbequeues in a row, last night here with fish, tonight... somewhere else with fish.

As I was typing this, I realized how useful the spell checker built in to Firefox is. I really can't live without it. Really!

Anonymous commented:
I'm not so certain about the firefox spell checker. Shouldn't "barbequeues" be "barbeques" or "barbecues"?
- Mara
on Sun May 27 21:49:46 2007

David commented:
Proof! You see, I haven't installed Firefox yet, so I didn't have the spell checker. I knew BBQ was wrong, but it wasn't underlined in red, so I left it!
on Mon May 28 01:16:45 2007

Anonymous commented:
I'm so glad you're past the tooth pain and process.
on Mon May 28 05:16:37 2007

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