Busy, busy day in our nation's capitol. We woke up early-ish and went out for coffee (fin and misty being mid-move, the coffee apparati were MIA). Then we headed in with Sasha's family to see some family friends. As they live by the zoo, we stopped off to see the pandas. Then we headed to the Phillip's collection, to see 'the boating party', a painting by Renoir made at the restaurant (fournaise) next to our old apartment in Chatou. Next dinner, and then off to the shakespeare theater to see a production of 'the persians' by Aeschylus. Finally we headed to Denny's, where we met Fin, who spent the day moving house. Now we're back, chatting.

Nikki commented:
well, david, I may have imbibed several glasses of sangria, but I'm seeing in triplicate--that alone maketh for a busy day. now, the question remains, did you make it in and out of the "capital" undetected?
on Sun May 21 23:39:31 2006

David commented:
Dag burn it! I wondered if that was capital or capitol! I wonder how I managed to make everyone see in triplicate? Ah well. I think my visit was undetected. But who knows? If I disappear, you'll know I was wrong!
on Tue May 23 02:45:35 2006

Nikki commented:
Commenting in the future... highly suspicious. Actually, you were correct, it is Capitol; and I was slightly intoxicated.
on Tue May 23 03:08:07 2006

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