Whole lotta quiet weekend, with not nearly as much World of Warcraft as you might think. We started to catch up on our Battlestar Galactica (lord only knows why we stopped watching - it's such a good show). Yesterday we met up with Nikki to buy tomato plants, today we headed over to a picnic hosted by my French speaking group, and then bought our wine for the summer (well, a case should last at least a part of the summer. Maybe a small part, but still...). So we have left the house, despite what you might have expected.

By the way, the WoW link is quite fun, if you haven't already seen it.

Andrew commented:
tucking my comment back in the history to test and see if this works. I know this will show up in your comments log regardless, but i needed some fresh powder to mess up anyway.
on Tue May 29 14:33:58 2007

David commented:
Yeah - it's a whole lot harder to hide any testing to the system now that the sidebar tells you recent comments. But without it, the comments are really tough to use. One day when I'm feeling fiesty I'll rewrite the whole thing, but that day is not yet upon us.
on Tue May 29 16:32:06 2007

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