BSG discussion (with spoilers!)

OK - the Battlestar Galactica conversation can happen here, in the comments. Don't read them until you've seen the finale - we wouldn't want to give anything away!

David commented:

I'll start - how cool was it that the society before, and the society after, were the same society. I loved that!

on Sun Mar 22 23:58:03 2009

Jim K commented:
I liked how the answer to everything was God.
on Mon Mar 23 17:20:28 2009

David commented:

It was nice. I had assumed that was where they were headed with a Starbuck who wasn't cylon and wasn't human, but they still did it well.

I was just reading, and apparently they're reserving an even longer finale for the DVD, with some 20 minutes of extra footage....

BTW - did everyone notice when they re-used the original BSG music to fly the fleet into the sun. It was well done.

on Tue Mar 24 00:14:04 2009

Jim K commented:
Best line: "Still not too late to flush them all out of the airlock," Tigh quips. "Take too much time," Adama answers.
on Wed Mar 25 19:57:31 2009

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