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Rock Band will be the death of me - we swung past our friends' house last night after a run to Kalamazoo for father's day, and I managed to get blisters on both hands, caused by my mad drumming.

Tammy Jo commented:
Guest Atrophy rocks! The drummer is hot,(literally)! hahaha If we go on tour we can call it The blisters and coffee tour! Teehee -Tammy
on Sun Jun 15 21:51:59 2008

David commented:

If we can get gigs that don't last until 4am (that's when we got home) we might be able to skip all the coffee.

It was pretty funny - apparently our neighbours were out until 3 that night, and were so confused when they heard us get home they got up to check someone wasn't breaking into our house!

on Mon Jun 16 07:36:30 2008

Andrew commented:
I have also run afoul of Rockband and its drum set.  I'm am trying to lure Fin and Misty into trying it, but without success thus far.
on Tue Jun 17 12:39:03 2008

David commented:
Rumour has it they have acquired a game system. Sadly, it is not the same as the one we play on. If we ever decide to cross over to the dark side and buy a television, it will be a difficult decision as to whether we go xbox or ps3.
on Wed Jun 18 10:15:08 2008

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