TOAD 2007

I had a reunion yesterday with a bunch of guys I lived with in college. It was, as always, too short and too crowded to really reconnect effectively with people who I see, for the most part, once a year, but it was better than not seeing them at all, and a good time overall. Next year, with any luck, we will remember to bring vegetarian options for Sasha, as my friends seem to be a rather carnivorous bunch.
heidi commented:
I love that sasha is on the far, far left and you are on the far, far right in this photo. I miss you guys!
on Sun Jul 22 19:59:03 2007

Shelby commented:
Whoa, you guys all look, like, old! *snicker*
on Tue Jul 24 00:47:35 2007

Anonymous commented:
*sniff* brings a tear to my eye to see all those good friends from college together without little ol' me. Wait, what are all of those strange tiny creatures (that look alarmingly similar to my friends) crawling all over the place. Keck should really have that looked into. Toad!--ryaN
on Tue Jul 24 13:04:33 2007

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