Sarah Brown, and Twitter in French

I learned vaguely useful words today, in an article in Le Monde on the subject of how Sarah Brown (the wife of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown) has become a whirlwind of Public Relations, it was explained that she was also on Twitter
Mais c'est sur Twitter qu'elle a trouvé toute sa place. Pas un jour désormais sans qu'elle raconte à ses presque 345 000 "suiveurs" le sel de ses journées. En 140 signes maximum, à toutes les heures du jour et de la nuit, elle leur dit son goût pour l'Eurovision, commente la dernière émission de "Britain's Got Talent" qu'elle a pu voir, ou fait état de sa visite au zoo de Londres avec ses deux fils.But it's on Twitter she has found her place. Not a day goes by that she doesn't tell her 345,000 'followers' about her day, at all hours of the day and night - about her taste for Eurovision, about the last episode of 'Britain's Got Talent', or her visit to the zoo with her two sons.
So if you ever need to explain twitter to a French person, there's the words you need!

The article also notes that she never talks politics, and, in passing, damns the Prime Minister, noting "Elle veut connaître les pensées et les sentiments du plus de gens possible, aussi vite que possible, alors que son mari n'est pas très bien informé en la matière" - "She wants to know the thoughts of the people, even if her husband doesn't". (loose translation)

David Hibbard commented:

I tried to explain Twitter to a Frenchman and he told me

"I blow my nose at you! I fart in your general direction. Your mother was hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries. Now get out of here before I taunt you a second time! . . .stupid American pig-dog . . ."



on Mon Jul 13 01:03:07 2009

David commented:

Clearly he didn't get it, because that was more like 210 characters!

on Mon Jul 13 01:49:55 2009

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