Alphabet soup

I am always amazed at the amount of strange language that goes into jobs - amusingly, used most often when describing them (amusingly, because you generally only describe a job to someone who doesn't know it. So why use strange language?). For example, I have experience in ERP systems, which stands for something like 'Enterprise Resource Planning', and which is a confusing way to say 'computer systems that keep track of things businesses keep track of', like money and employees. And to beat that, the jargon changes by day - I think ERP is now 'BI' - 'Business Intelligence'. Or you could call them giant databases (or perhaps even 'big brother', at the rate things are going). Either way, it often seems like things are often made needlessly complex in order to make it seem like getting an MBA is anything other than a waste of time and money intended to impart good sense. But that may just be me.

Erik commented:
I've wondered sometimes about the value of MBAs too, since it seems that everyone and their second cousin tries to get one, but I've never been sure why except to "get ahead" in a career. Did the market somehow start demanding one of showing that certain people have certain credentials? (Is that akin to why community colleges prefer even their part-time teachers to have Master's degrees?) Is it part of a myth that the schools offering MBAs - particularly those that specialize in them - fostered? What's not being taught to the undergraduate Business majors that is needed out there?
on Tue Jan 23 06:49:42 2007

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