Holiday stuff

The Christmas shopping is just about done - a few things to get, but for the most part everything is here. As always, I have no idea how things will go over - we'll have to wait and see. I've mostly just grabbed randomly things that might interest, or be useful, or whatever. We'll see how it goes. Wrapping happens this week sometime, and then it's all about San Diego for a while. I still have to call Holly and verify she got my email telling her when we arrive - it'd be sad to get there and have nowhere to go and noone to see, just because of a communication oops.

Jason in Egypt commented:
What a crazy weekend this is going to be! (and what a crazy week I'm having here in Cairo!!!) See you soon, God willing.
on Mon Dec 11 09:43:18 2006

David commented:
There's no question that you win the prize for 'craziest week'. I'm looking forward to watching your head explode when you come back to the US in the middle of the Christmas commercialism orgy. But rather than dwell on that, I think we'll play train games instead.
on Mon Dec 11 11:26:56 2006

Lisa Dugdale commented:
Do you actually own this Lunar Rails game?
on Mon Dec 11 17:03:03 2006

David commented:
Nope. But Mara does!
on Mon Dec 11 22:47:11 2006

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