Same old, same old - did some work, planted some herbs, went shopping for random necessaries. The new thing for the day was the grill. We bought one about a week ago, and today we went to the local fishmonger (because I can) and got some salmon to grill. We also picked up some corn on the cob and grilled that as well. Sasha made some lovely mashed potatoes and a salad to go with it, and we had a right proper feast. Now we're off to congratulate a young woman who has passed her preliminary examinations and is ready to write her PhD.

Nikki commented:
Planting "herbs," eh? Well, whatever you want to call it, sweetie...
on Sun Apr 30 16:17:42 2006

David commented:
Hey - wait - are you on a public internet? Wrong number! Wrong number! *click*
on Mon May 1 04:53:38 2006

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