still sick

Fully a week in to my little jaunt down virus lane, and my head's still all full of goo. It's been interesting having no sense of smell - a learning experience. The days spent with no hearing in my left ear were also a learning experience - did you know your brain does advanced noise cancellation based on what comes in the right and left side? It means when you only get the one side, all the noise has the same priority. Which makes it really tough to have a conversation.

Anonymous commented:
I wonder if that is the same for people with hearing out of one ear like me....which, if true, would explain so much! Hope you feel better. Coburn
on Sun Apr 29 13:38:55 2007

Nikki commented:
Learning while you are sick? No wonder you aren't any better! World or Warcraft is bound to help though... at any rate, I do hope you are feeling better soon--there is a lot of sunshine, which is far better when you can smell and hear properly.
on Sun Apr 29 16:54:23 2007

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