we're getting the band back together

If there exists a reason to buy a big screen TV and an XBox 360 or PS3, Rock Band is it. We headed over to Tammy and George's last night, and had our first exposure to the game. Now, I know it's a blend and copy of about four games that were popular in Japan a decade ago, but that doesn't make it any less fun. What a riot.

Anonymous commented:

Welcome to the dark side! 

- Mara

on Sun May 25 16:05:17 2008

Tammy Jo commented:
Hooray for Rockband!We had sooo much fun too! You 2 are great additions to the band-Come jam with us anytime! -Tammy
on Sun May 25 22:38:37 2008

holly commented:
on Mon May 26 18:50:30 2008

holly commented:
So, on the airplane yesterday I read an article about the guy who is now famous for recording all of those songs for rock band. They do them all from scratch and were talking about how now everyone who plays the game knows him and how even though he never made it as a rock star, now he is strangely back door known as one.
on Mon May 26 18:51:59 2008

Derek (Erb) commented:
Seriously hooked on Guitar Hero III on the Wii over here... teaching our kids who Santana is, the Stones, Pat Benatar, Alice Cooper, the Sex Pistols & The Dead Kennedys, ZZ Top, ... a proper music education while they try to beat their old man who's playing songs he's heard a million times over the past 20 to 30 years... no chance girls! But you guys should hold out for Guitar Hero IV World Tour (like Rock Band = Guitar + Drums + Mike) and we can play together across the great divide!!! Coming Fall 2008!
on Mon May 26 19:31:24 2008

Anonymous commented:
Wow, yeah. I've played a couple times, now. Strangely addictive. I'd played Guitar Hero once at an arcade years ago (so, no instructions, and thus: baffling). I still can't get the hang of the guitar, but I enjoy the drums.--Ryan
on Tue May 27 06:30:46 2008

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