Happy 4th!

I worked today - my boss was kind enough to let me save the holiday until the end of the month, when I will use it in concert with my vacation days to head to London for a week to see Sasha. In my fervor to eat the leftovers I forgot to inject some variety into meal planning, so I've had Thai three days in a row (which is not all bad). Happily I've also had our tomatoes, which are now coming in quickly enough to make me start thinking about who I can give them away to. Tomorrow, of course, is the fourth, and I believe I will be heading over to some friends for grilling and somesuch.

As it is the fourth, of course, one must talk briefly about politics (or patriotism, but I talk better about politics). Sarah Palin is resigning as governor of Alaska, and North Korea is firing missiles. And, of course, we're all broke - especially if we live in California. That's probably enough to last us a long weekend!

Nikki commented:

Have you considered canning or freezing your tomatoes?

on Sun Jul 12 20:31:10 2009

David commented:

You mean, instead of eating them?!

Actually yes - I even bought jars to can with. If things get out of hand I'll do them up. I'm hoping to pickle some of the cucumbers as well, but they aren't coming in quite fast enough yet. We'll see what happens.

on Sun Jul 12 23:22:42 2009

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