phone number catastrophe

So, Windows Vista has completely 'updated' the interface they use with mobile phones. It's swanky, it's new, and it completely erased my contacts. All of them. Gone. So if I don't call you, it's because I can't. This makes me sad. So what I think you should do is hop over to my contact page, grab my mobile number (if you don't already have it), and call me, so I can save your number. Alternately, you can send me a mail with your mobile number in it, which will allow me to find it later, when I do this again on the next version of Windows. Moral of the story: install Ubuntu when you decide to stop using XP.

Derek (Erb) commented:
Um... isn't the moral of the story backup your files before trying any new version of synchronisation software?

BTW what phone are you using dude?

on Sun Jan 6 11:22:51 2008

David commented:
Ouch. I think I've been pwned. *grin*

I guess that would certainly be another moral one could come away from this with. In my defense, the reason this happened is because WinMobile has an arbitrary limit of two on the number of computers you can sync with (and thus, back up to). It was the removal of one of those backup links that erased the phone.

I have the HTC PPC 6800.

on Mon Jan 7 08:29:44 2008

Derek (Erb) commented:
Hey! I synch with my Windows Mobile phone with 4 different computers (office desktop, laptop, tablet and living room desktop). Works fine. BTW I have an HTC s710.
on Tue Jan 8 05:15:58 2008

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