We had a great night out last night with Twixer (aka Olivier) who I met through a guy a work. We went out to play pool with him last week, and this week he was getting together with a bunch of his friends at a bar in town, so we dragged ourselves out of the house and stayed out until the last train. Great good fun. I'm always amazed at how well people do in a second language (much of the evening was in English, although it also spent good chunks of time in French). I am not, sadly, all that amazed by how well I do in a second language. That said, I'm able to hold my own much of the time, so I can't really complain. This evening we'll be going out again, to my old co-worker's house for dinner. We have to track down some flowers before that, I think, so the day will be full of random fun.

David commented:
I've been having some trouble with the comments (for a while now, really, but I've decided today was the day I would at least figure out where the problem lies). So now I'm adding a comment so I can look at the comment program and see if that is where the problem lies, or if it is merely goblins....
on Sat Jan 22 12:09:51 2005

David commented:
whups! Looks like the problem is systemic. Have to fix that, I think, before too long....
on Sat Jan 22 12:12:50 2005

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