Why I don't use blogging software: apparently LiveJournal has been down for at least 12 hours. Quoting the people fixing the mess:

The four of us have been at this almost 12 hours, so we're going to take a bit of a break while the binlogs replay... Again, our apologies for the downtime. This has definitely been an experience.
It's amazing how many levels of redundancy you can have, and yet still things will break in a horrible fashion while you are looking the other way. This is also what we like to call a 'real-world' test of their backup strategy. It's funny, because lots of companies think they back things up, but all too often, they are wrong (my own hosting company lost several months of stuff the last time they had a real crisis, and it was only because I keep backups as well that things didn't go more wonky).
Jason in Egypt commented:
Yeah...saw they were down but didn't read the details. Nice to see a bit of honesty from the folks working on the problem!
on Sat Jan 15 19:48:50 2005

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