The week ended with a rather dire event at work - I mis-typed a command, and effectively erased a couple of organizations' websites. Very sad. Thankfully there was tape backup to prevent things from going too awfully awry, but nevertheless, a rather inauspicious end to the week. Hopefully by next week all will be back as it was, and I shall be much more careful!

Erik commented:
Fret not... I think every IT professional has done such a thing at least once in his or her career. I accidentally double-clicked a batch file, rather than single-clicking it, resulting in the process that runs nightly data dumps (and also wiping out some table contents) being executed. A colleague once dropped a table named "test" thinking it was not needed, even though it was part of the original installation (the table was poorly named).
on Sat Feb 25 12:53:47 2006

Derek (Erb) commented:
Definition of nano-second: The time elapsed after answering No the question "Do you want to save your changes?" and realising that you have no backup. ;-) [We've all been there... done that... too many times to mention or contemplate]
on Sun Feb 26 16:00:00 2006

Jason in Egypt commented:
You mean it took you this many years before making a goof like that? Wow...I'd say that's impressive! *laugh* But it could also mean that you're starting to get old. *smirk*
on Mon Feb 27 19:50:51 2006

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