Mina's terrible week

Were one to ask the cat her opinion on our recent move to Arkansas, I imagine she would offer up the details of what was clearly an elaborate plot to kill her: "first, they took me out of my apartment, and when I came back all my stuff was gone. Then they drugged me and stuck me in a cage for 16 hours. Once I arrived they had vicious attack fleas try to eat me alive, and then they covered me with this irritating goop for a full day. Then they shut down the air conditioning when it was one hundred degrees outside, and finally, horror of horrors, they gave me a BATH!"

In our defense, we did not realize the dog the previous owners of the house had would leave a little present of fleas in all of the carpeted areas. Nor did we expect, any more than she, the blackout that happened this morning, presumably due to the heat (according to weather.com, it's 99 (37 C) and feels like 108 (42 C)). And the bath was necessary to get the flea goop off of her.

holly commented:
poor kitty, I'm sure our dogs can sympathize, not with the 16 hours in a kennel, but the chaos, fleas, and change in surroundings and temps. It's ok little Mina, all will be right in time...
on Sun Aug 3 15:07:58 2008

Anonymous commented:
poor little kitty, would you like me to send some georgia grown organic cat nip your way - my cats love it
on Sun Aug 3 15:27:58 2008

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