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It was a lovely day here in Michigan, and as such we took the opportunity to plant some of our summer crop. Tomato plants are new for this year, and we expanded significantly our lettuce selection. The house we live in at one time had a very large garden, which has been left fallow the past year or so, so I decided to clear a part of it and see how it goes - there's a good chance rabbits will eat anything that makes it past the crazy Michigan springtime weather.

Nikki commented:
Evil, evil bunnies!!
on Sun Apr 22 17:21:38 2007

David commented:
More proof - we have no problem calling other nations, and bunnies, evil!
on Sun Apr 22 19:26:03 2007

Nikki commented:
Ok, but I want it on the record that I've not called anything but bunnies evil... except maybe the Swiss... and perhaps, only once, Belguim... but that's it. Really. And even then, the bunnies made me do it.
on Mon Apr 23 21:15:35 2007

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