mmm bugs

We headed over to a friend's house for the weekend, and while there we had seared tuna and rice. About halfway through the meal someone points out that 'one of the rice looks different from the others', and is in fact some sort of bug larva. A further examination finds that, in fact, the bag of rice that we had just opened was replete with the little buggers. Thankfully, the tuna was quite tasty, as we all laid off the rice after that.

It's funny, because of course I'm not particularly bothered by the idea of having eaten bugs, but I would have been hard pressed to continue once I knew. The same is not true, thank goodness, of bull's penis, which I would still order if I could get it around here. Yum!

Shelby commented:
Oh that's okay. I just barfed for you.
on Tue Sep 4 15:09:47 2007

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