Paris. It's odd being in Paris. I stopped off at the office, to do a little work and discuss some details of work I will do, and to catch up with folks, as I could. And then I just wandered. Paris has not gotten less amazing since I left - I will miss it fiercely. But it's nice to see it after being back in the states, because now I recognize it as different, instead of just better. It's still a great place to live, tho - they've started a new night bus service, much improved on the old, which allows 24 hour transport, easily and efficiently. Things like that.

Tomorrow I hope to climb the towers of Notre Dame, just because, and also meet an old friend for drinks. We'll see what happens.

Anonymous commented:
I can't believe you guys left such an amazing city - but I am glad for the time you were there, and allowed me to infiltrate. Enjoy your stay - and SEND ME A POST CARD! :) coburn
on Mon Sep 26 21:31:32 2005

Anonymous commented:
I am NOT old!! Good to see you Dave, Frenchietex
on Tue Sep 27 23:34:02 2005

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