Today marks the 40th anniversary of Che Guevara's capture in Bolivia. Tomorrow marks the 40th anniversary of his death. The story is rampant in the news, and it occurred to me that I still know very little about this man who became a revolutionary who became an icon. But the facts are rather thin on the ground, at least looking at the internets. You can get screeds against him, and thoughts on why he's a hero to the youth, but the image that comes out always seems slanted. And it's tough to make his opponents look good - the CIA of the 60's wasn't very nice.

Nikki commented:
The best way to understand who Che was is to read his works. It is entirely fascinating... or, you can wait for the Benicio del Toro movies which are currently being shot. Oooo, bad pun. Anyway... The Motorcycle Diaries are probably the most popular and a good prelude into his later thinking, but I have found Guerrilla Warfare a facsinating and brilliant essay.
on Mon Oct 8 19:24:00 2007

David commented:
Boy, if your apartment wasn't already bugged, it certainly is now!
on Tue Oct 9 07:29:27 2007

Nikki commented:
Sheesh, I should think... nothing amused me more than when I ordered, all at once, from Amazon, Guerilla Warfare, The Communist Manifest, The Art of War and Kingdom of Fear. Follow that up with a few phone calls to my Muslim friend to discuss Islamic idealogy and well... I hope I'm keeping an agent somewhere employed.
on Tue Oct 9 10:51:42 2007

David commented:
It's good for the economy, keeping CIA people employed! You're actually supporting capitalism with your communist ways!
on Tue Oct 9 11:31:00 2007

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