For those lucky enough not to be trapped in the weird wacky world of Daylight Savings Time, please be aware that today was 25 hours long for many of us. Yes, at two this morning, the clock miraculously slipped backwards, giving us an extra hour of weekend, and moving the sunset back towards lunchtime. But on the upside, I have never felt so productive. By early afternoon I had cleaned, rearranged, vacuumed, and half a dozen other things. It has been a wonderful day, and now, when I am starting to run out of steam, I note that it is not even close to being over. So I can continue on my merry way. Even the dishes are clean! The only thing left to do is my Japanese homework, and for that I have several hours left before I need to turn in. So for today, and only for today, I am a fan of Daylight Savings.

BryanAlexander commented:
Sounds good. There is something virtuous about the time shift, isn't there? Goes well with the delightful madness of Halloween. And, looking forward, adds anti-virtue to the lost hour's pain in spring...
on Mon Oct 30 12:45:57 2006

David commented:
I have to admit, I am very drawn to the concept of 'anti-virtue'! Do 'anti-heroes' have them?
on Tue Oct 31 02:38:54 2006

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