This is about the funniest thing I've seen in ages: techcrunch pointed me to a site called Jellyfish where they acquire a number of some item, then start the price at full retail and slowly lower it. You can buy at any time, but if you wait too long, the item sells out. Sounds straightforward so far. The fun part is that they have a live chat running, so people can talk to each other as they watch the price fall, e.g. 'wait for $150' and the classy reply 'if they say wait for $150 they're buying at $160'. It's something of a train wreck, but I'm a gawker, I admit.

Andrew commented:
So i finally got a username for your site. Just wanted to say watching people argue over a Xbox 360 was the funniest momment of my day.
on Tue Nov 7 19:26:13 2006

David commented:
So long as one person finds it as amusing as I did, my work is done!
on Thu Nov 9 12:40:25 2006

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