we're back

We spent a nice relaxing morning in Sharon Springs, then headed to the airport in the early afternoon. Seven hours later, we're home. The kitten was happy to see us, and we were happy to see our nice, hard bed, as we discovered that soft beds do not agree with us overmuch. Now it's back to the grind, and quite a grindy week it is, too, as I have a paper due for my online class, Sasha presents a paper this week at the Medieval Congress in Kalamazoo (and have I ever mentioned how completely bewildered I was when I found out one of the largest scholarly conferences on the Middle Ages was held in Kalamazoo, Michigan?), and I start my Japanese class (a different one than the one I've been attending) on the same day as her paper. A busy week!
Andrew commented:
Well, I've always espoused the opinion that trying to do anything in Kalamzoo was pretty feudal.
on Tue May 8 09:14:27 2007

David commented:
Dude - I blame you - my comments program crapped out -again- while you were posting - it was probably trying to reject the bad pun!
on Tue May 8 12:01:54 2007

Andrew commented:
Just proves that your program has better taste than I do. I figured I post again to see if it just has an issue with me, as opposed to it being a random crapping out.
on Tue May 8 13:32:19 2007

David commented:
It's an edge case - a certain computer setup, posting the first comment on a blog post, with a particular set of conditions, causes the program to bail. Of course, I'll fix it in my copious spare time!
on Tue May 8 14:17:39 2007

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