Sasha wrote up our little kitten's big adventure in a letter home to her mom, reproduced here for your reading pleasure:

We had quite the adventure today - thankfully, no one was injured. Minakitten was out on the back porch when one of the neighbor cats came by. She was so excited she was sitting at the very edge of the porch, so I went out and coaxed her back inside. Of course, she immediately ran back out, and we thought that, since the neighbor cat had gone away, it would be okay. But sadly, we were mistaken - we heard this scrabbling sound and a whumph, which was her falling off the porch! I ran out on the porch and looked down, and David headed down and around the house. I made it down shortly after making sure that she was moving. Fortunately, she was only a little winded and may have scraped her back leg slightly, but as soon as I started trying to pick her up, she was off and running. She didn't make it far before I got her and took her back upstairs, where she promptly ran towards the back door, yelling to be let back out again!! Needless to say, she has lost her back porch privileges.
So far, she hasn't been too terrible about the back porch. That said, it's been less than a day. If she injured herself, we've seen no sign, as she's been batting around the cat toy with lots of vigor!
Anonymous commented:
My cat had jumped from our balcony a few times, typically at night, and do you know how hard it is to find a black cat at night...Glad the kitty's okay! Sarah C
on Mon Jun 12 18:17:44 2006

Nikki commented:
They are resilient, stubborn and Bowie fell 2-3 times from the patio when I used to live in a third floor apartment... doncha just love how they act as if nothing happened?
on Tue Jun 13 00:37:21 2006

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