I finished (finally) the application process to the University of Michigan this evening. I'm of two minds about the whole thing. On the one hand, I would be completely offended if they rejected me, because I'm too cool to reject. On the other hand, I'm not really that gung-ho on the whole deal - I have mixed feelings about the University, about the PhD program (two more years of math? Do I really need that?), etc. And, of course, there's the third element - what would I do in Ann Arbor if I don't go to school? Is there actually anything else to do? I'm too overeducated for a coffee house job, and too undereducated to teach at one of the schools. It's a crazy place. And it's in the US, which makes it all that much more difficult, especially given the current political (etc.) climate. We watched an amazingly disturbing show recently, a program the BBC did on 'middle America'. Now, I'm sure they picked a real winning city for their show intentionally, but nevertheless the idea that there are towns like that fills me with dread of returning. I just can't face the idea of being surrounded by that much ignorance and fear.

Chipper, aren't I?

But, the truth is, I like Ann Arbor - it does a good job of trying. So if they decide to let me try for yet more paper, I'll see what I can do about adding some additional letters to my name.

Erik commented:
What else is there to do in Ann Arbor? There's always software development to fall back on, provided some jobs open up in that area. With a Master's, you could teach in K-12 (though there might be other qualifications) or at a community college. Washtenaw C.C. is a nice one.
on Tue Jan 4 12:49:26 2005

Jason in Egypt commented:
Yes, teaching certification is needed to teach full-time at K-12 (though anyone with a Bachelor's can be a substitute teacher). But yeah, a Master's opens some doors when it comes to Community Colleges. Glad I won't be looking for a job until over a year from now!!!
on Thu Jan 6 13:53:25 2005

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