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Ah, the joys of our new, artificial life. A new study adds evidence to the fact that artificial sweeteners may lead to weight gain:

In a series of experiments, scientists at Purdue University compared weight gain and eating habits in rats whose diets were supplemented with sweetened food containing either zero-calorie saccharin or sugar. The report, published in Behavioral Neuroscience, presents some counterintuitive findings: Animals fed with artificially sweetened yogurt over a two-week period consumed more calories and gained more weight mostly in the form of fat than animals eating yogurt flavored with glucose, a natural, high-calorie sweetener.
Of course, correlation is not causality, and scientists are still out on the why of the whole thing. But, according to one of the co-authors, "we definitely have evidence that the animals getting artificially sweetened yogurt end up eating more calories than the ones getting calorically sweetened yogurt."
David commented:
Whups! The source of that was Time magazine.
on Mon Feb 11 10:26:42 2008

Derek (Erb) commented:
Congrats to Sasha and Mazel Tov to you both! Arkansas "may" be a "bit" of a culture shock for both of you... but it's yet another interesting step in your travelling experiences. I'm not quite sure which I would find more foreign to my own feelings: Arkansas or Japan. David: Can't wait to check out the technological setup in the new house... definitely sounds like fun. I assume you'll be changing jobs as well... We will all be looking forward to pictures. Again: Congratulations!!!
on Mon Feb 18 07:31:57 2008

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