they did -what-?

OK - why did it take me until today to find out the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade got rickrolled? Even the Telegraph covered it. I obviously need to expand my reading list again!

holly commented:

I saw this, we always watch the parade and I walked out and saw him singing and said "oh my god, they just got rickrolled!" The funniest thing as that my sisters had never heard of it and doubted it until the announcer said it on TV. What a riot!


on Tue Dec 2 11:40:19 2008

David commented:

Does this mean:

  • We're too geeky
  • They aren't geeky enough
  • The people who do the parade are too geeky
  • Rickrolling has gone mainstream
  • that was the 7th sign of the apocalypse

I'm kinda leaning towards that last one...

on Tue Dec 2 15:17:35 2008

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