We had what can only be described as an amazing time in San Diego. The wedding went off without a hitch, and we even found time to do a little touristing, visiting the boats and submarine along the waterfront. I took about a billion pictures, though far fewer than I would have if I hadn't been standing up front for the ceremony, and we met just a ton of really fun people, which was tremendously nice. And, of course, two wonderful people got married, which just makes you feel all gooshy inside. Now all I need to do is allow my face to relax from all the laughing I did over the weekend!

Anonymous commented:

The wedding went off without a hitch

Interesting choice of words.  Is this like those puzzles involving the island of liar and truth tellers?

- Mara

on Mon Apr 6 19:28:52 2009

David commented:

Har har. You should come down. Not only because we'd like to see you, but also now so I can have revenge at length for that terrible joke!

on Wed Apr 8 00:06:26 2009

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