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We managed to get an inspection done on the house this morning and afternoon, which brought to our attention (as they always do) some problems with the house. Specifically, it seems a squirrel decided the wiring in the attic made a tasty treat, so all the wires had no covering. This is what is called a 'fire hazard' of the first degree (I actually was curious why the house hadn't already burned down), so we'll be asking that they get that fixed, along with a few other less frightening details. We also managed, because we had the inspection done on such short notice, to meet the homeowner, who is also a college prof. Then we went loan hunting. It's been quite a few days.

holly commented:

Such a funny market change these days. In San Diego, where housing is admittedly insane - even now, you need to have your loan secured before you even go looking at houses. If you tried to put an offer down without that security, they laugh at you:)

Congrats, I too am jealous of all your beautiful rooms. Bucky says we can't move to Arkansas, but it makes me really want to! 

on Tue Apr 29 09:40:09 2008

David commented:
But as you have previously noted: Southwest airlines will let you visit with ease! And at this point, you could have a separate room for everyone, even if you brought the doggies!
on Wed Apr 30 13:58:58 2008

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