We decided at some point to use our giant back porch to plant some herbs and flowers and such. We picked up the planters yesterday, and several sets of seeds, and when we got home determined immediately that we had space for about twice as many planters as we had purchased. Initially we got three large planters, about one meter (yard) long each, and I think some time this week we'll go and get the rest. We've planted the parsley, and started the zuccini and cilantro indoors (there's still a danger of frost here). The squirrels we've been feeding have been kind enough to leave some fertilizer for us, as well, so we're pretty well set. I'm relatively excited to be able to plant lots of plants - I'm even thinking of picking up some sweet corn seeds from home and putting them in the backyard - we're pretty sure there's someone who mows who will kill most things we plant, but if we put them in out-of-the-way places I think we can keep a few things from getting cropped.

It's interesting the amount of information one needs to plant seeds - for example, we had to soak the parsley before planting it, to allow the seeds to germinate. Each plant then has its own planting depth and spacing, and of course whether to plant in the sun or in the shade. I don't know how our anscestors did it - or rather, I expect they would wonder how on earth we survive without knowing anything at all. It's sometimes humbling to realize how much I don't know about the world around me.

Nikki commented:
I've always found a nice large rock around the planted area will deter a lawnmower... and hey, someone might get injured along the way, but it is the price you pay for corn... Yeah, I just wrote that!
on Mon Apr 10 22:33:57 2006

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