Well, it ain't perfect, but Google was nice enough to let me post my wedding to their video site. So, for those of you who've never seen a wedding before, or at least haven't seen mine, here you go:

Now let's wait and see how long it takes before somebody realizes that they're just giving away free bandwidth here....

Jason in Egypt commented:
1 view from Egypt -- nice ceremony and 9-out-of-10 on the video! I have to admit, I skipped the last 6 minutes b/c it was just of you sitting around and I couldn't hear anything. So...was Sasha laughing, crying, or both? Also, what was the humorous comment from the peanut gallery at one point? I couldn't catch what was said, but everyone laughed! *smile* The looks you 2 were giving each other were great! I especially liked the bit when the priest was asking if there were reasons that you shouldn't get married!
on Sun Oct 8 10:21:11 2006

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