From: The IRS
To: Me

This is not a bill
We changed your account

How we changed your account:
Account balance before this change: $11,348.58 Due
Decrease in tax because of this change: $11,208.00 CR
Decrease in interest previously charged: $140.58 CR
Amount you now owe: None

Other actions you may wish to take:
If you do not agree with the changes to your account or if you have questions about this notice, you may call 1-800-829-8374.

Anonymous commented:
W00t! I'm sure you called them right away to let them know that you don't agree with the changes, right? *grin* - Mara
on Sat Oct 14 12:42:46 2006

David commented:
I'm not really sure why, but someone was searching on google for '800-829-8374' (the IRS phone number), and found this site. I did the same search, to figure out what they might have been looking for, and found that the site that comes just before me on the search results is a site written by people who believe that ones' social security number is too much like 'the mark of the beast', and should therefore not be required.
on Tue Oct 24 12:22:51 2006

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