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I meant to put this up when it first happened, but I'll throw it up now, as an amusing aside - the daughter of a friend of ours recently got to act as interviewer to the folks who are making the film(s) of the Dark is Rising books. She was flown to Romania and spent a couple days interviewing people. You can read the details over at Derek's blog and the article in French.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I read these books when I was 11 or so, and loved them, so I was pretty excited to see they were making films (though, as always, concerned they were going to screw it up). It's even more fun now.

Anonymous commented:
Hi David, Hate to say it but you'll be real disappointed in the movie if you liked the book! I read it with Alex in the week before she went off to Roumania and very little of the story line ended up in the film - they even cut out the "Walker" character when editing the film despite leaving him in the movie poster. "Lovejoy" was the only actor to have fun camping the butler... A+ Desney
on Tue Nov 27 06:34:39 2007

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