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Some of the most read news headlines from the BBC:

The situation in Myanmar warrants a whole other blog post, as it's so insane.
Jason commented:
I'd say the situation in Lebanon also warrants its own post. Also insane.
on Fri May 9 13:39:34 2008

David commented:
Very true, Jason. I fear I have much research to do on that one, though, as I still don't understand the situation over there to a great degree.
on Fri May 9 20:20:22 2008

David commented:
I'd just like to point out that all of you must be the most mature people on the planet. I can't believe you all resisted the 'great tits' story. Everyone else had to weigh in.
on Tue May 13 22:52:48 2008

Nikki commented:
Well, they don't do well cold ;)
on Wed May 14 21:14:46 2008

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