Bush is giving a speech in New Delhi, praising free trade and pushing for even more access. Interestingly, he said he wants to finish Doha by the end of the year. He doesn't mention that would only be if the world agrees to allow us to protect our ag industry, but he's thinking it.

It may just be that he's a bad speaker, but I feel like he has to check the prime minister's name each time before he says it. I can't believe we let this guy out. He has moved on to talk about terrorism now - I was worried he would forget to talk about it....

Nikki commented:
I find it ironic and terribly sad that he would even go into New Delhi and talk terrorism... and then wonder why the people are so anti-American. I take that back, he would never wonder why they were anti-American, he would just assume their prime minister--whose name he can't be bothered to learn--must just be a terrible dictator who should be "dealt with." I bet they have weapons of mass destruction there and we need to free them into democracy... I'd be ROTFLMAO if I weren't crying into my processed "potato crisps" Ah, the things beer will make you eat--and apparently read ;)
on Sat Mar 4 03:09:50 2006

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