a change of direction

Well, it's taken me quite some time, but I finally managed to find a new job. I signed the papers and put in my notice this morning. The 23rd will commence a new chapter. Hoorah! It's actually quite interesting, because the org I will be working for wanted to avoid, I think, paying a finder's fee to the temp agency, which means I will be working through the temp agency for a while (so they can pretend I'm a temp-to-hire, and not pay the fee). Temp agencies, if you don't know, are scary, soulless places designed specifically to frighten small children. To be honest, even having made my decision, walking into their offices almost made me rethink it. But I felt that solidarity was best served by leaving my present post, where a friend of mine was unceremoniously dumped recently, and thus I signed over my soul for a period I do not believe will exceed three months. And frankly, if it does I may just take a nine month holiday, living on the proceeds from the first three, as I also secured a raise. Life is pretty good, all around.

Anonymous commented:
Aw, I'll miss you!
on Sat Jun 30 10:58:55 2007

Nikki commented:
So, you put in your notice and mysteriously "disappear"? Conspiratorially driven, bored minds will wander... making up wild and lewd stories.
on Tue Jul 3 21:08:25 2007

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