So, the other day we got a letter from a local cemetary memorial maker. It started out "Dear Family of David Barber" and continued "This is a difficult time in your life, and we do not wish to intrude. Other companies will be contacting you about purchasing a cemetary memorial." As were they. I was a little creeped out. Today Sasha found the obituary of the person they had intended to contact:

David G. Barber
Barber, David G. Ann Arbor, MI Age 49, died April 13, 2006 at Arbor Hospice Residence.
So now I know pretty much the exact stuff that will someday be sent to my loved ones. Weird.
Shelby commented:
Whoa, that's weird. But their advertising is not a complete loss--I see that you can have your baby shoes bronzed too!
on Sat Jun 24 08:48:09 2006

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