tank on empty

A friend here in town did a little website, and it's gotten some semi-major coverage. The site is called tank on empty, and it invites people to "Help solve a mystery that has puzzled mankind for years... How far can you go after the gas light in your car has gone on?"

Shelby commented:
Haha! This makes me want to drive around on empty until I run out just so I can contribute!
on Fri Jun 22 18:28:35 2007

Nikki commented:
How fun... I added my own pedal-to-the-metal-can-we-make-it story to the site. I felt it was absolutely necessary as I got in my car tonight and the gas light popped on. One chore I despise--what ever happened to full service stations?
on Sat Jun 23 22:40:58 2007

Erik commented:
@Nikki: full-service stations do still exist, though are very rare in Michigan. (There is one in Holt, near Lansing.) However, if memory serves, New Jersey law forbids pumping your own gas, so there's plenty of full-service stations out there!
on Sun Jun 24 12:11:47 2007

Nikki commented:
Thanks, Erik. I wondered about that when I was recently in NJ. And even though come September I will be as close to the NJ border as I currently am to Holt, I really doubt I will drive that far just to avoid having to do it myself. :)
on Sun Jun 24 15:37:18 2007

David commented:
The trouble with having a car that sips gas is that it takes forever to make it to the bottom - I hope to contribute sometime next month, as we'll be making a road trip. I might also see just how many miles I can get -before- the gas light goes on - I'm still hoping for the 500-mile tank of gas!
on Mon Jun 25 11:37:31 2007

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