I ran across an amusing article this morning titled "How Many Ways Can You Spell V1@gra?", which informs us not only how many ways (more or less), but also the progress of the fight.

What's most remarkable about the question posed in my title is that I probably don't need to explain it. If you have checked your e-mail anytime in the past few years, you know all about "V.i.a.g.r.a" and "V!A6RA" and "\/lagra," not to mention "C1aL|$" and "Rrol,x Rep,ica" andólet's not be bashful about thisó"pen1s en1argement." As spam has been proliferating in everyone's inbox, it has also been mutating madly, presumably in an effort to evade the filters that most of us now have in place.
It's a short piece, and possible a little dense for some, but worth a look.
Shelby commented:
Yesterday I got a spam email that made me chuckle. The Sender was "Jesus" and the subject line was "Stop using peni1e enhancement creams!" Unfortunately it turned out not to be the religious nut I hoped it might be--they were selling an enhancement patch instead of a cream. Damn.
on Fri Jun 15 19:07:39 2007

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