Well, I couldn't find a way to link to them that I thought would last for more than a day, so I've put together my own collage of London's front pages on the day after the bomb attacks. It's mostly courtesy of the BBC, with some help from the Guardian. Be warned that at least one of the papers went a little graphic.

Lisa Dugdale commented:
Hm, I think I won't look at the collage. I really don't understand why newspapers find it necessary to put graphic images on their pages. My mom and I emailed our friends in London, who are ok. One of them did say that her husband and child were on the tube when it happened, quite close to the bombing sites, but they got out and home/to work ok, albeit with a very long walk. Actually, come to think of it, you've met the family - we stayed with them when we visited London before our European trip.
on Fri Jul 8 19:23:21 2005

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