Busy week!

It's a busy week here in Ann Arbor - the Ann Arbor Art Fair is taking place, and I volunteered to work the GLCA booth last night to promote my alma mater. Today we're taking the kitten to get her stitches out, tomorrow there's the TOAD reunion, and hopefully Tammy will come see the art fair.

And, of course, to top it all off, today is my last day of work. So next week I'll start my new job. Hooray. It's exciting to get started on a new project - I just hope I can get up to speed quickly enough!

By the way - Sasha has made me promise never to title my posts with obnoxious song titles, so for those of you who got 'Whoops! I did it again' stuck in your head, I apologize.

Erik commented:
Aw.... I like pun-laden entry titles! :) By the way, the titles don't show on your main blog page (except in the Recent Comments box). Is there any chance you could put the title up next to the date?
on Sat Jul 21 09:47:53 2007

Erik commented:
Aw... I like the pun-laden subject lines! :) Speaking of which, they aren't displayed in the blog itself (except in the Recent Comments), just when you read the comments. If there are no comments on an entry, your readers don't see more of your sparkling wit. Is there any chance you could include the comments?
on Sat Jul 21 11:51:52 2007

Anonymous commented:
Kitty's better? Sorry to hear about Art Fear.
on Sat Jul 21 14:52:41 2007

David commented:
I've a sneaky suspicion someone forgot to reload before posting a second copy of their comment! And yes, kitty seems to be better, for the most part.
on Sat Jul 21 22:26:14 2007

Derek (Erb) commented:
I agree with Erik's (double) comment... is there some way to put your title up with your entry? I've actually never seen the titles before you mentioned them.
on Sun Jul 22 08:42:43 2007

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