sue 'em all!

Oh boy! Small town drama! It seems a local police officer didn't do the math right on converting milliliters to ounces, and so arrested a guy for having too much pepper spray in his car. Now the man has filed a federal lawsuit against pretty much the whole of Conway's administration, from the mayor on down.

Can I just note here how much I would not want to drive around with a bottle of pepper spray in my car? It seems much more likely that I would end up the teary-eyed victim than any would-be criminal!

Nikki commented:

I think this is a solid argument for the metric system (since logic, reason and global use seem to have failed).

on Sat Jan 17 14:17:52 2009

David commented:

You know, I like this town a lot. But I think the odds of a national movement for the metric system starting here are... pretty slim.

on Sat Jan 17 14:29:26 2009

Nikki commented:

Perhaps, but then the chances of "Joe the Plumber" reporting from Gaza was less than pretty slim... and yet...

on Sun Jan 18 12:15:09 2009

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