Apparently at least one person has decided the best way to vote Dem in Michigan is to screw with the other side. The Daily Kos has pointed out that since Dems don't get a vote in Michigan this year, they should vote Republican, specifically for Mitt Romney, so the Republicans spend all their money battling each other.

Anonymous commented:
i've seen this as well. and as i've posted elsewhere: 1) michigan's democratic delegates currently are designated as not-being-counted; however it's been well established that at the time of the democratic convention, this decision will be overturned and the delegates will in fact count. 2) michigan democrats can (and some will) choose "uncommitted" instead of hillary clinton. at the time of the convention, when the michigan delegates are reinstated, the "uncommitted" delegates will go to obama and edwards (according to some proportionality sceme). 3) romney is already set to win michigan (his father having been governor & his being born there as large assets in his favor) and doesn't need the extra votes. 4) qed: a vote for romney is an abdication of your vote for your democratic candidate of choice. democratic opponents of clinton should vote "uncommitted" & proponents of clinton should vote for her. -john h.
on Fri Jan 11 14:05:50 2008

Jason commented:
Here in New Hampshire I heard a different theory last night. People here were talking about the idea of Democrats voting for McCain to make sure that Romney's showing in Michigan is weak. If that happens, there's a good chance he'll drop out of the race. (according to a source who I trust) Among people I've been spending time with, that's a good thing. When it comes to the general election, Dems should want McCain to be the Republican nominee, after a drawn-out battle with Huckabee. And let's not forget -- Dennis Kucinich is still on the Democratic primary ballot in Michigan. *smile* I talked with a volunteer on Wednesday who was heading out there.
on Fri Jan 11 16:42:46 2008

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